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Hi Member,
A few days ago we posted a quick little video on Teaching Channel that seems to be resonating with many of you. It’s from my own classroom—where you see me running out of time—repeatedly! It’s not that I have horrible time management, it’s just that there’s so much to learn and so many different kids who are going to learn it on their time, not mine. Take a look:

Go With The Flow: Plan and Adjust

Based on your comments—I am not the only one who faces similar time management dilemmas. When it comes to these experiences we all have and seldom talk about, I’m glad not to be alone!

Naeemah Overton-Houston said: “This was hitting the nail right on the head. We plan with the best intentions, but “shift” happens…”

While Naeemah reminds us that even our best intentions can get interrupted, others of you picked up on the second message in the video —remember it’s about the kids.

Here’s what Connie Fink says: “ I love the thought that is might not necessarily be over planning but that I’m paying attention to the kids.”

And, Liza Youell adds:  “Excellent!  It’s about them (the children) not about us.”

These comments bring to mind a video that features invaluable advice for us all—from teacher Stephen Rutherford—who has his priorities in exactly the right place:

My Best Advice (After 34 Years of Teaching)

Have a great weekend!
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
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