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Hi Member,
I remember a few years ago taking my daughter Lauren to get a new pair of shoes. When the salesperson measured her foot and told me her shoes were at least one size too small, I was flooded with parental guilt. How had I not noticed that her toes must have been curled, patiently waiting for me to realize she had grown? The classroom in May can feel like this, ready for the next size. It’s this sense of needing room to grow that can make keeping kids engaged in May especially tough.

We’re here just in time with 11 new teacher development videos from our friends at Success at the Core. We’ve partnered with them to bring you new videos showing classroom strategies that strengthen a teacher’s core. This week’s videos focus is on engaging students through relevant and real content and authentic assessment techniques. Next week, we have 13 more videos showing support structures and active and exploratory instruction practices. Regardless of how well your students seem to be “fitting” with their current learning, these videos remind us that a defined learning purpose can help us all finish the year strong.

P.S. We need your help! Please reflect on this school year to help us plan ahead for the fall. What did your students struggle with? Did you make any shifts towards the Common Core? What kinds of professional development did you seek out? Take this month’s Tchers’ Voice  Survey and you could win a $20 gift card to Chalkfly!

Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel

3 Student Engagement Videos

All Grades | ELA | Real-World Content | CCSS
Watch Ms. Fransier engage her students by encouraging an understanding of how an author's purpose or intent influences their writing.
Grade 8 | Math | CCSS
Rather than telling his math students about the Pythagorean Theorem, Mr. Ivy guides them to discover it for themselves. Watch and witness some great “a-ha” moments!
All Grades | Science | Relevancy
Mr. Olive shows us how you can connect lessons to students’ personal interests and passions (minerals and teen make-up, for example).
Educator Wendy Sauer has curated a collection of authentic assessment videos showing students as active partners in the assessment process. Watch how teachers make real-time decisions based on student needs.
Hands-on STEM projects deliver memorable lessons that engage weary students. Blogger Elizabeth Weiland has curated a list of videos and resources — look for the Barbie bungee jump, edible cars, and roller coaster projects! — to get your classrooms thinking.