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I realize a lot of you are probably celebrating the end of the school year right about now, but at Teaching Channel we’ve got our own celebration going on. Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the official launch of our website. Woo hoo!
We’re also celebrating the fact that Pat Wasley (our esteemed Chief Academic Officer) has just been named our new CEO. Pat has been an educator for more than 30 years and I think she’s going to make Tch rock.  I am so excited about what the next year will bring.
As I look back, it’s hard to imagine just a year ago we had less than 100 videos on Tch, and this week we've surpassed 475 videos. 

And, I'd like to personally thank you for watching more than 50,000 hours of video in the past year.
If you want to see which videos made the Top 10 most-watched of the year—check out my new blog post. I also thought I’d share my personal Top 3 of the year. Check them out below.
Director of Educational Programming
A fab new film from a teacher I admire so much – Madeline Noonan. This is one of the easiest, most effective strategies you can integrate into your practice. Know who’s “getting it” and who’s not and keep students engaged.
This film is short and sweet but represents the kind of classroom culture that every teacher dreams of that blurs the boundary between home and school and all learners feel like a family.
We’re pushing some boundaries with this one. No matter how you feel about teaching this controversial text, you will be enthralled by the dialogue in this classroom. These students are incredibly invested and digging way down into this text.
In this new blog post, Marie White reflects on ten most-watched videos from Teaching Channel's first year.
Teaching Channel's new CEO Pat Wasley recaps Teaching Channel's first year, and wants your feedback to help shape our future.
Tch Teacher Laureate Sarah Brown Wessling invites you to join in on the cake, the candles, and the hoopla in her new blog post.
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