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Many of you are closing out (or have already wrapped up) the school year, breathing a sigh of relief, and hoping to get some much needed rest and relaxation.

As you reflect back on the school year, what memorable moments come to mind? Perhaps a breakthrough with a student you couldn’t connect with, a “perfect day” field trip where everything including the weather cooperated, or simply a smile and a thank you from a graduate?

In this week’s newsletter, we celebrate the joys of teaching and recognize that struggle is a healthy part of growing. While you watch, we hope you'll find yourself saying, “Oh, yeah, something like that happened to me!”

And we’re also excited to introduce a new blog series: The New Teacher Survival Guide. Look for advice on getting classroom materials, lesson planning, setting up your classroom, and more. We’re here to allay fears and stoke up excitement for the coming school year.

Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel

3 Videos On the Joys of Teaching

Ms. Procter shares a story from her first year of teaching that reminds her, and all of us, that one of the greatest rewards of teaching is watching our students blossom.
The renown psychologist and growth mindset researcher’s advice for emphasizing struggle in student work is an important lesson for us teachers, too.
You might have seen this video already, but it's an audience favorite that always gets our adrenaline pumping!
“I was teaching the class about the water cycle and explained how our atmosphere keeps all the water cycling through the process over and over. One of my brighter second graders asked if that meant that all the water on earth is the same as when the dinosaurs lived. I told him yes. He made a sour look on his face and said, ‘so that means I could be drinking dinosaur pee!’ Absolutely a fantastical moment.”

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We know new teachers are always seeking out new ideas. Look no further! We are collecting materials just for you. Lesson plans, videos of teachers teaching, tools, classroom management videos, and much more!