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December 10, 2016
This Week: #TchItReal | Innovative Coaching | Formative Assessment
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Discover how video, virtual coaching, and real-time coaching are changing the shape of reflective practice and teacher development.
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Sarah Brown Wessling uses The Stoplight Method to collect three types of student feedback to help her assess what works in this lesson and to inform what she needs to do to prepare for the next day.
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Looking for a low-stress assessment strategy? Try exit tickets to help you assess student learning and plan for future lessons.
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The life of a teacher isn’t always Pinterest-worthy. As we head into winter break, show us a picture of you keeping it real: your messy desk, your tired face… something to make us all feel we’re not alone as we exhaustedly finish up the calendar year.
Notes from the Tch Laureates

I slept for eleven hours yesterday. Yes, I said eleven! On a school night. I was that tired. I went home with all kinds of aspirations to read my students' latest pre-assessments, participate in the #BTPchat on Twitter, and make a pot of acorn squash soup. Once I sat on my couch, that was it. I was out for the night. I'm sure I'm not the only teacher who is feeling exhausted this time of year. With the changing weather, fewer hours of sunlight, and the non-stop demands of our profession, it makes sense. Who is with me? If my exhaustion rings true for you, I hope you’ll join our Tch It Real photo share to help us tell the real story of what teaching looks like right now. One of the best strategies to prevent burnout is creating community, so help us build our community of allies and keep it real by joining #TchItReal. Winter break is almost here. Let's welcome it together!

Geneviéve DeBose

Teaching Channel Laureate

Tchers’ Voice
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How can teachers build trust in their professional relationships? Discover the three kinds of trust that make a difference.


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How can you rephrase praise in your classroom to help your students develop a growth mindset? Join the #TchLIVE Growth Mindset chat on 12/14 to discuss strategies and share ideas.

Q&A: Answer These Questions
Q: What are some examples of actionable feedback?
Q: What suggestions do you have for getting teachers to buy into real time or virtual coaching for growth without feeling like they are being evaluated?
Q: How can I help new teachers understand informal, formative assessment?
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