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Engaging Students, Flip Cam Giveaway, Common Core Resources

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Do your students seem a little distracted this week? We know it's tough to keep students focused on school when the holidays are approaching.

Here are a few great video lesson ideas to help keep your class engaged and energized as you head into the holiday break.

Spice up almost any lesson with a gallery walk. Get students up and moving.

Use a number line to help students see the positives of good behavior.

Get instant feedback on the effectiveness of your lesson with a show of hands.

Do you have an activity that is successful in keeping your students engaged? Tell us what is working for you. 

And, there's still time to win a Flip video camera! We're giving away one every day until December 31. See how you and your fellow educators can win. Read on for more videos and some Common Core resources.


Best of Tch

Poetry Open Mic
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Tips and tricks to make learning fun:

1. Classroom Activity: Poetry Open Mic
2. Classroom Participation: Participation with Playing Cards
3. Kindergarten Tips: Alphabet Cheer
4. Literacy in Science: Word Clouds
5. Common Core Mathematics: Games for Decimals

Now on Tch

Flip Camera Winners
Flip Camera Winners List

Here are the latest winners for the "Thank You! Giveaway."

12/2 - Lauren Popkoff
12/3 - Deborah Gaskins 
12/4 - Cameron Page & Marsha Erskine (referred Cameron)
12/5 - Julie Reed
12/6 - Dorothy Hunderman
12/7 - Arletta Cunningham

Congratulations to all winners! We appreciate all Tchers spreading the word. 
Invite educators today and you could be next on the list.

In Your Corner

Common Core
This week's Common Core goodies for you:

Shell Centre/MARS

Free instructional or formative assessment tasks aligned to the Standards for Mathematical Practice.

Michigan Mission Possible Literacy (pdf)
Quick planning ideas at your fingertips. Bookmarks for close and critical reading aligned to CCSS ELA.

We're adding more core-aligned lessons from real classrooms every week. See all Tch Common Core videos here.
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