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In our latest Tchers' Voice survey, you told us you wanted our summer newsletter to focus on Common Core. Sarah Wessling and I are going to alternate weeks to give you info on math and literacy. This week - math!

What are the major shifts from your old standards to Common Core? Student Achievement Partners (founded by the writers of the Core) says:

1. Focus: Focus strongly where the standards focus.
What if you actually had time to dig deeply into key concepts at your grade level? With Common Core, you will. For example, in 7th grade there are just four main areas of focus. Students will have time to engage in a variety of activities like this one to understand subtracting negative numbers - a key 7th grade concept.

2. Coherence: Think across grades, and link to major topics.
I love this emphasis on connections. When we plan lessons that draw on work from previously grade levels and bring together big concepts in our grade level, we help students make sense of the math world. Here are two games where 2nd grade students build on their knowledge of place value from 1st grade and compare numbers deciding which are greater, less, or equal.

3. Rigor: In major topics, pursue conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and application.
With more time to focus, you can really go after rigor. Here's an example where students apply statistics to determine who was the greatest Yankee homerun hitter of all time.

You can always visit Teaching Channel's library of Common Core Math Videos.

Enjoy your summer!
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