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My Twitter feed keeps lighting up with enthusiasm for the second annual Digital Learning Day on February 6th. This national effort, designed to put the spotlight on how we use technology to enhance learning in our classrooms caught my attention last year, but has new meaning for me this time around.
I’ve been a self-proclaimed technology geek since I first started playing Oregon Trail on the two school computers in our elementary school while my mom was working in her classroom.

So, when the bold move to invest in iPads for each student in our high school materialized two weeks ago, I found myself in that familiar place of excitement combined with uncertainty as we’re finding our way together, understanding how daily technology influences our learning.

With my students checking out the new iPads

And, as I was exploring our Q&A section, I see other teachers are working with iPads too, and need your help with innovative ways to use them. Help out if you can!

Clearly not every school is handing out iPads, but technology makes it’s way into the classroom on many levels, and the videos below help highlight that it’s not how much technology you have, but the way you use it that makes all the difference.
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
Mr. Pronovost says using technology gives him the opportunity to better differentiate instruction in his math class.
Ms. Koch’s students use critical thinking skills to learn how to find reliable research sources online.
Mr. Van Dyck’s lesson helps students understand the significance of their “digital footprints.”