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“Whoever is doing the talking, is doing the learning.”
-- Esther Wu, Mountain View High School

Socrates’ belief in the power of asking questions and privileging inquiry and discussion over information and debate has inspired this week’s three video selections for you.
Maybe you’ve heard of Socratic Seminar before, but think that it all sounds too philosophical or too unstructured. This week’s videos will help dispel those uncertainties and give you some practical ways to engage in Socrates’ most definitive belief: in order to think for yourself, you must construct your own learning.
Join us as we peek into three versions of Socratic Seminar where students are not only doing the talking, they are doing it cooperatively, with intelligent questions and with civility.
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
In this video, Ms. Wu demonstrates how careful planning and assigning specific roles help elevate this sensitive discussion about the language in Huckleberry Finn.
Watch as Ms. Price takes on the tough task of letting there be silence as students strive to learn for themselves.
Ms. Procter shows us how to help prepare students for focused and respectful discussions. Be sure to watch for her interesting “prop” to keep the discussion moving.
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