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Early in my teaching career I remember hearing from a master teacher who said something that perplexed me then, but inspires me now. She said, “I know I’m really teaching when I leave the room and walk the hallway a bit.” At the time, I was baffled. How could she be teaching if she wasn’t directing? 
Since then, I’ve learned a lot and certainly I’ve come to realize the power of letting go. That gradual release is what inspired this week’s newsletter: three lessons, each an exercise in teachers who are letting go and students who are showing up to take charge of their own learning.
Of course, it takes a lot of explicit instruction to get to this point, but once there we see students in action, taking the lead in learning. 
Let’s start with this video from my classroom where students learn to research and write for a real audience when they create non-profit organizations to learn more about the American dream.
In this lesson, watch as Ms. Brouhard steps aside so that we can see a student-run lesson unfold just as it happened in the classroom. 
In this math class, Ms. Giudice puts her students in charge of coming up with test questions to deepen their understanding of the material. 
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