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This week: Multiplying Student Interest


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You're a part of an exciting math problem! If TeachingChannel.org monthly visitors went from 600 visitors in June to over 70,000 in September, what is the percentage of growth? That's a dorky way of saying, "Thank you!" We appreciate your messages of support, the work you've done to help us spread the word, and the critical feedback you've given us along the way. Here are a few more math gems for ya:
  • A hands-on approach to fractions: See how one teacher incorporates pattern blocks to investigate part-to-whole relationships.
  • Graphing with your whole body: Students play an active role in graphing linear equations.  
Read on for more Teaching Channel math videos complete with lesson plans and supporting materials.

Best of Tch

The A-Team
Math Favorites!
Math videos with supporting materials:

The A-Team: Overview of Algebra Teaching Styles
2. Mastering Word Problems: Persistence in Problem Solving  
Making Math Fun: Games for Decimals
4. Common Core: State Standards for Math

In the News

Jim Knight
"Top athletes and singers have coaches.
Should you?"

Coach Jim Knight
who you may recognize from these Tch videos was interviewed by Atul Gawande for an article in The New Yorker!

A favorite quote: "Elite performers, researchers say, must engage in “deliberate practice” — sustained, mindful efforts to develop the full range of abilities that success requires. You have to work at what you’re not good at."

Shout Out

Bridget Drewry
Bridget Drewry
Thanks for being an active TCHer, starting discussions, and sharing your feedback on multiple Tch videos!

Bridget teaches 3rd Grade English Language Arts and other subjects in White House, TN. Log in to see Bridget's favorite recent videos here.

Thanks to Bridget and all TCHers for sharing their thoughts and providing valuable feedback.
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