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The adrenaline rush that launches us into the beginning of the school year is probably being replaced by a more steadfast pace. As we find our rhythms, I hope you’re not getting Common Core fatigue. If you’re feeling a little weary, we’re here to help. This week, get focused on one of the shifts that really stretches all of us: rigor.  
Whether you’re crafting that rigorous experience or ushering your learners to their own conclusions, this is one shift that certainly gets us digging deeper. With a spotlight on math, teachers should think about conceptual understanding, procedural skills, fluency, and application. Here are a few of our favorite videos featuring the fun (yes, really) of rigor!

Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel

3 Videos for Building Math Competence 

Grade 6 | Math | Geometry | CCSS
Ms. Park reminds us that in order to move towards more rigor, sometimes you have to take a step back. Watch this teacher engage her students in the work of a previous grade’s standard in order to scaffold them towards deeper learning.
Grades 3-5 | Math | Reasoning | CCSS
Ms. Spies shows us that teaching with rigor also means teaching with a willingness to shift the lesson based on student needs.
Grades K-2 | Math | Reasoning | CCSS
Ms. Lassiter invites us into her class and shares how she uses concrete objects to help her kindergarteners learn mathematical proofs.

“When we fall into the trap of handling things individually, we lose sight of our power in numbers and our strength as a community. We lose the value of coming together as educators with diverse perspectives and practices that can solve problems. When we work unified, we can discover, energize, and make happen all that we want for our students.”
– Principal Kevin Bennett

Get his three tips for how educators can stay connected.
Thinking about Halloween-inspired lessons for your students? Watch how two teachers engage their classrooms with a fun descriptive writing exercise that connects them to kids at another school.