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Hi Member,
I just finished watching our new video series on Deeper Learning (50 new videos!) and saw exactly how a group of teachers are taking the invisible work of learning and making it visible to the rest of us. In this series, you'll learn how systems can support and nurture real-world experience, academic mindsets, the Common Core, and authentic assessments for students. You'll also find embedded in the videos those engaging lesson ideas you clamor for (and every video is surrounded by a wealth of downloads, resources, and tools to help you try out a new idea tomorrow).

I think you'll also appreciate the way this series shows us that there's never a single path to Deeper Learning. Whether it's project-based learning, implementing personalized learning plans, tying classroom work to real jobs, or teaching students to own their learning, these videos show how we can rethink the outcomes we want for our students.

We could not be more excited about sharing this series with you! Our incredible video and education teams spent more than a year putting it together with the generous support of the Hewlett Foundation. We worked with 10 Deeper Learning networks that serve more than 500 schools and 227,000 students around the country. And we’ve released all 50 videos at once so you could feel great about binge-watching something that will inspire you with so many new ideas. Invite some friends and colleagues over, “shop” for ideas that work for you, try them in your classrooms, and report back on the ones that had impact for your kids. Enjoy!
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel

3 New Videos on Deeper Learning

All Grades | All Subjects | Student Engagement | Professional Development
Educator and author Tony Wagner explains the six competencies of Deeper Learning and gives context and insight on how they impact students’ futures.
Grades 6-12 | All Subjects | Growth Mindset
Expeditionary Learning is just one of the 10 networks in this Deeper Learning series. Watch how they create an environment that supports academic courage — students collaborate, disagree respectfully, and lead their peers.
Grades 9-12 | All Subjects | ELL
In Ms. Milczewski’s class, students are responsible for each other’s learning. They work in groups so they can support each other and all move forward together.
Educator and blogger Lily Jones shares a new playlist that highlights how Deeper Learning teaching practices empower students and make them excited about their learning and their futures.
Educator and Teaching Channel Teams blogger Ryan McCarty shares four Core reasons to make the switch from persuasive to argument writing for grades 6-12.