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Tch Lesson Planner, Common Core, Coming Soon - Win a Flip Cam

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Hi Member,
We've got one big announcement for you this week... 
We've just launched the Tch Lesson Planner -- a new tool to help save you time!  
Where did this magical tool come from and what does it do, you ask? The idea came from a real-life Tcher who told us that there's only one problem with finding great ideas at Teaching Channel: "If you watch a video and want to use it in the future, how do you make sure it's right where you need it when you're ready to use it?" 
Well, the Tch Lesson Planner is here to save the day by helping you collect lesson ideas from Tch and across the web, and save them to your Tch Workspace with timely reminders -- so they pop back into your life just when you need them!
  • For more info, watch a short animation we created to fill you in on all of the details.
  • Already want to start using it?  Click here and log in. You're only 30 seconds away from being able to save anything from Teaching Channel or anywhere on the web to your Lesson Planner.
Have a great week! Read on for new Common Core resources.


Best of Tch

History of the Earth
Trending Now!
Tch Lesson Ideas:

Lesson Idea: History of the Earth
2. Lesson Idea: Geography with a Sensory Approach
3. Common Core Lesson Idea: Poetry Visualization  
4. Lesson Idea: Thermite Reaction in Chemistry
5. Common Core Lesson Idea: Fractions with Borrowing

Coming Soon

Win a Flip Cam
Let the countdown begin!

Keep an eye on our newsletter and website for an exciting promotion! 

We're going to be giving away Flip Cams to some lucky new and returning Tchers this November!

Stay tuned - more details are coming soon.

In Your Corner

Common Core
This week's Common Core goodies for you:

Learn Zillion
Free khan-style videos of every math standard for grades 3 to 9. Great for independent, individualized learning. More tools for teachers coming soon.

ELA and Literacy
Curriculum Exemplars
Free sample lessons for ELA in K-5, 6-8, and 9-12 from EngageNY.

We're adding more core aligned lessons from real classrooms every week. See 'em all here.
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