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This week I want to start out with a little shameless self-promotion!  Our TV program Teaching Channel Presents debuts tomorrow, September 23, on public television stations around the country.
I’ll be hosting 20 new episodes, starting with a very special one where we follow two first-year teachers in Los Angeles.  “The New Teacher Experience” gives you a nitty-gritty look at their challenges, failures, and successes.  We’ll also see the teachers working with mentors as they strive to improve their practice.

I think this will really resonate with the teachers newest to our profession and remind all of us veterans the importance of being a positive mentor for our newest colleagues.
Here’s a sneak peek:

This video is not yet available on Teaching Channel, so make sure to set your DVRs.

Teaching Channel Presents is on at different times in different cities, so to find out when it is on in your area click here and then fill in your zip code.

In addition to the PBS Show, I want to keep your inbox full of great teaching and learning to fill your week. Here are three videos to enjoy, a great blog post from my colleague Lily Jones, and a shout-out to our comment of the week.

And, last but not least, please take  our new Tchers' Voice survey; we depend on your feedback and participation!
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
Ms. Brewer uses sentence frames in her classroom to help her English Language Learners answer questions and build their vocabulary.
Ms. Latimer does an outstanding job of capturing her students' attention, giving clear instructions, teaching recording strategies, and differentiating among her students.
Every teacher can relate to Ms. Noonan's "teacher face" - that look you give a student when you want them to get back on track.
The school year is young, and you're just getting to know your students. In this new blog post, Lily Jones presents three ways to assess your class and help set the stage for differentiation.
"This was fantastic. I liked how her lesson activated students' prior knowledge and provided multiple entry points for different kinds of learners (visual, analytical, physical, etc..)." - Claire Anderson

Don't forget to leave your comments in the discussion area under each Tch video!
For this month's Tchers' Voice survey, we'd love to hear about your experiences with Teaching Channel videos, and about teacher professional development.

The first 50 people to complete the survey will receive a $10 DonorsChoose gift card. Click here to start the survey (takes 15 minutes to complete).
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