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We often associate teacher leadership with new job titles or added responsibilities. While this may often be the case, teacher leadership has always been more about teacher empowerment than teacher advancement to me. When I re-frame a conventional notion of teacher leadership, suddenly I recognize all the ways we can assert ourselves in advancing the experience of our students.

To help you get started, we’ve partnered with Success at the Core to bring you professional development toolkits designed to help teams and teachers understand, embrace, and implement a vision of effective school leadership and teaching. Check out these seven leadership "modules" — and their accompanying videos and worksheets — that can help guide teams in your school to define quality instruction.
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel

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3 Videos on Instructional Leadership 

Watch how one school addresses the needs of all learners.
See how you can improve student outcomes by supporting teachers with relevant and on-going PD.
Learn how one school is implementing a cross-curricular experiential learning unit.
Maybe you’re looking forward to some travel, or just digging into the books that have piled up on your bedside table. No matter what your start-of-summer-break tradition is, educator Meeno Rami has some ideas for making reflection a part of your time off.