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May 28, 2016
This Week: Number Talks | Science Models | Looking Ahead
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In these new videos, Tch Laureate Crystal Morey conducts a small-group number talk to help students overcome their misconceptions about fractions.
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These three new videos provide a window into the way models help our very youngest students make sense of a real-world science phenomenon over time.
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Instructional coach Ryan McCarty helps you begin the process of looking ahead to next year by setting doable, manageable instructional priorities.
Notes from the Tch Laureates

Students often have difficulty explaining how they think, see, or feel in class. Yet we’re constantly asking them to do so, and when we do, we usually ask students to use words to express their ideas. Sometimes, though, we forget that there are other means of communication: models. In two new video series, models are a critical means of expression. In Tch Laureate Crystal Morey’s classroom, students use blocks and other manipulatives to explain their understanding of mixed fractions. We also see that in Kaia Tomokiyo’s classroom, students use drawings and flowcharts to explain their observations of weather patterns. Take a look at how these teachers prompt students to model their thinking, giving them a window into misconceptions, emergent ideas, and deep understanding.


Teacher Channel Laureate
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Nicole Gavin begins each lesson with learning objectives. What do you notice and wonder? How does this inspire you to try something new?

Tchers’ Voice
Img LeftWhen the teacher’s voice is the most prominent in the room, there’s a problem, writes Tch Laureate Crystal Morey.

Img LeftMichelle Salgado uses science picture books to introduce and support particular ideas, but also to elicit personal storytelling and different narrative styles.
Q&A: Answer These Questions
Q: How does a school maximize success for a school-wide, required summer read?
Q: I teach 5th grade, and I am looking to revamp or improve my guided reading.
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