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Thank you, Member!

It's the last week for our Test Lab.  Next week we'll be opening the site up to more people, but before we do that we'd like to say, "Thank you!"  Three quick updates for you:

  1. A Small Gift For You: If you see a "Founding Member" badge on your profile, there's a Tch tote bag on its way to you. If you don't see a "Founding Member" badge yet, finish your profile, and you'll have a badge and a tote bag soon.
  2. News You Can Use: Receive lesson ideas, info on contests and give-aways, and meet Teaching Channel members through our newsletter.   to sign up, or visit your workspace.
  3. Personal Maid Service: Win a $150 gift certificate for Merry Maids this week by posting a discussion point or giving feedback through the Feedback tab.  We'll randomly choose one winner at the end of the week.
Again, thank you!
Marie White
Dir. User Experience
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