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This week officially marks “back to school” for me! I find myself always in some version of similar routines this time of year. First, the back-to-school dreams start showing up. Then, I have to get my physical space, my classroom, put together and ready for parents and students to see. For some reason, organizing my physical space makes room for all that planning and thinking I’ve been doing throughout the summer.

This week’s newsletter is devoted to considering how to organize and set up classrooms. My Tch colleague, Lily Jones, inspired this newsletter with her insightful and practical blog on how the layout of the classroom can better support learning goals for the year. Check out her blog and then watch these videos to get those gears turning!

Read on for three videos to help you organize your classroom, a blog on reaching and guiding students, and some great Q&A questions!

Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel

Three Videos to Help You Organize Your Classroom

All Grades  |  Exit Slips
Take a peek inside my classroom with this video on how I set up an end-of-lesson assessment next to my door.
All Grades | Management
Teacher Jen Saul shares how she choreographs her classroom to help students move quickly and efficiently.
All Grades | Community
Teacher Brian Van Dyck reminds us of the importance of using color to create an inviting classroom.

Kevin Bennett, NASSP’s 2012 Minnesota Middle School Principal of the Year, shares inspiring ideas for encouraging students to find their authentic selves:

“We must expose students to things beyond what they know – beyond the sights of their neighborhoods. We need to create transformative experiences that take students from where they are to where they want to be.”
Don't forget to share a photo of your classroom – or check out the amazing ideas – in our Show Off Your Classroom Photo Contest (you could win an iPad)!

Watch this fun video to learn how the contest works.

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