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You may be one of many teachers across the country who has been working hard to carry out the Common Core, only to be left feeling the pangs of “implementation dip” when the idea of it and the reality of it collide. As with so many implementation cycles in education, the spirit of the concept (in this case Common Core) gets distilled into “manageable” parts and those manageable parts can become not only distortions of Common Core, but also of good teaching.

Recently, I've been hearing teachers talk about this phase with stories of curriculums that feel robotic or classrooms that feel anesthetized. These are the moments I most love and most need Teaching Channel because I can go to videos where I see teachers who are not only teaching the Core, but doing it without losing the integrity of their classrooms.

So, on this weekend, where we honor cinema’s greatest storytelling with the Oscars, I say let’s celebrate the classrooms that will motivate us to take charge of the narratives of learning in our own spaces. To do just that, we’re showcasing a few episodes from our PBS show Teaching Channel Presents. So grab some popcorn and settle in. Remember, even though we may not have red carpets ushering us to classroom doors, your passion and purpose will make stars out of your students.
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel

Film Festival: 3 Videos on Common Core from Teaching Channel Presents

All Grades | CCSS
Go inside classrooms where teachers are already integrating the Common Core. From adding and subtracting to fractions and functions, we follow students as they explore mathematical reasoning across grade levels.
All Grades | CCSS
With greater emphasis on analysis and problem solving, see how three different classrooms and three different teachers make the Core come alive.
All Grades | CCSS
One of the most popular episodes in the series, this video shows how making mistakes, hard work, and teamwork teach students valuable life lessons.
Have you tried using the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework for lesson planning? Educator Katie Novak shares how this method can help you to blend your knowledge of subject matter, child development, and your students' needs, to create a lesson specifically for each learner.
Follow us on Facebook to chat about your favorite movie adaptations of books! Some of this year’s Oscar nominations that were inspired by books include, “12 Years a Slave,” “The Wolf of Wallstreet,” “Philomena,” "The Great Gatsby," and “A Captain’s Duty.” What did you think of the translations? And what books to movies are you excited to see in 2014?