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As teachers, we’re always curious about how skills build over time. What is it that happens before? That will happen next? Seeing skills in progression can illuminate the scope of the work we do and this week that’s exactly what we have to share.

Teaching Channel teamed up with the American Federation of Teachers to build a series of videos that show two mathematics practice standards across grade levels. 

My Tch colleague, Lily Jones, has written an excellent blog post that outlines the project and highlights the student learning in ways that will help you follow those progressive skills with clarity. 

I strongly encourage you to read her blog post and then watch the six videos below to see Kindergarten through 11th graders reasoning abstractly and quantitatively, constructing viable arguments, and critiquing the reasoning of others. I’m sure you’ll recognize the power of seeing the Core span the student experience.

Beyond Fingers: Place Value & the Numbers 11-19

Leprechaun Traps: Addition Within 100

Multiplying Whole Numbers & Fractions

A Passion for Fractions 

Conjecturing About Functions

12 O'Quad High: Trigonometry in Flight

Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel