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September 24, 2016
This Week: Classroom Management Strategies | New Tch Talks Podcast | NGSS Phenomena
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What do you do when you need your class to calm down and focus? Adding these five strategies to your classroom management toolbox can help you keep your students on task and learning this year.
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Teaching Channel is excited to launch the Tch Talks podcast. In this first episode, host Sarah Brown Wessling interviews Tch Laureate Josh Parker about his experiences during his first year as a teacher. We invite you to listen. To learn. To get better together.
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Where do you go to find phenomena that fit the NGSS performance expectations? Do you have great ideas of your own to share? Join the conversation and explore these great resources.
Notes from the Tch Laureates

Depending upon when you began the school year, you’re either marveling at how much time has already passed or just sweeping off the cobwebs from summer break. In the District of Columbia Public Schools where I teach, a month has already passed. Now in my fifth week, I’m meeting with teachers about middle of the unit assessments, coaching them on engagement strategies, and preparing them for their first parent-teacher conferences of the year. The running theme throughout all of these meetings is the need for resources.

Sometimes the resources I have to offer are my own experiences. As I help teachers effectively manage the class, I reach into my well of examples of classroom management — both good and bad — from my years of teaching. Teaching Channel provides excellent resources and videos for assisting with classroom management as well. Tch resources are great because they adjust to the needs of teachers over time and take many different shapes. There are blogs that showcase how teachers collaborate to create useful products, and even podcasts that allow the listener to get a unique perspective on an aspect of practice or a classroom experience.

While our emotional intelligence and ability to persuade are very important factors in helping teachers learn and students succeed, we are only as good as the quality of our resources and feedback. When all of the professional development sessions are finished, it’s the quality of what was shared and learned in those moments that will most directly help teachers ride the wave of the school year.

Joshua ParkerSean McComb

Teaching Channel Laureate

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A few changes are coming to Tch Video Lounge. Find out more.

Tchers’ Voice
Img LeftHow can you balance managing a crazy class while still getting through the content you've planned to teach? Use these three classroom management tips to know when it’s okay to let it go.
Img LeftTch Laureate Kristin Gray has guest curated her favorite tried-and-true online math resources. Elementary, middle school, and high school math teachers can benefit from taking a look at these boards.
Q&A: Answer These Questions
Q: What are some strategies for teaching students to give effective and constructive feedback?
Q: How can I make smoother classroom transitions with students who are difficult to manage?
Q: Any ideas on how I can narrow my focus when teaching cultural diversity through the arts in my classroom?
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