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July 23, 2016
This Week: Instructional Coaching | Transition to Coaching | 8 Essential Skills
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Find out how instructional coaching allows teachers to continue to learn and grow.
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Experienced instructional coaches share their best advice to help you ease into your new role as you transition from teacher to coach.
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In this New Teacher Survival Guide video playlist, watch and learn from new teachers as they work with mentors to successfully navigate their first year of teaching.
Notes from the Tch Laureates

Change is never easy. The unknown brings with it so many questions, excitement, fears, and occasionally anxiety. Last year, as I moved out of the classroom into a math coaching position, I was so excited. In all my excitement, however, the question Did I make the right decision? kept echoing in my head. I wondered if I was ready to work primarily with teachers instead of students and feared that I wasn’t prepared to be in this role. As the beginning of the school year drew closer, I found I had more questions than answers as to how to transition from classroom teacher to math coach. I almost felt like a new teacher all over again.

Luckily for me, I’m not alone in finding a best path forward as a coach. Resources are everywhere. There are amazing Tch blog posts to support teachers moving into coaching positions. Lily Jones’ Five Tips to Help You Transition From Teacher to Coach gives everyone a starting point in their coaching journey and offers resources to help you along the way. I also found her 8 Essential Skills to Learn post, aimed at new teachers, really helpful in reminding me that there are so many overlaps between the work we do with students and the work we do with teachers. Of course, my first place to chat about transitions like this is Twitter. There’s a community of instructional coaches in the #MTBoS and on the hashtag #k12MathCoach who are happy to talk openly about their work as coaches. No matter the changes, just remember, you’re never alone in your journey!

Crystal MoreyCrystalMorey

Teaching Channel Laureate

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