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Parent-Teacher Conference, Survival Guides, and Common Core

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The month of December is underway, and as teachers I know you are wrapping up a fall semester filled with grading papers, going through formal observations, and preparing for the parent-teacher conference. And to top it off, you still have to manage the classroom and keep students focused. Quite a challenge, right? Teaching Channel is here to help you with video survival guides to ensure your success - along with your sanity. Don't miss the helpful supporting materials on the bottom-right of each video.

Survival Guide: The Parent-Teacher ConferenceWatch this conference to learn how to prepare for a successful session.

Survival Guide: The Formal Observation. Find out how to make sure you're prepared for a formal observation.

Survival Guide: Classroom Management. See the positive change as a teacher tries out seven classroom management tips.

Read on for new Tch videos, an updated winners list for the "Thank You! Giveaway," and helpful Common Core resources. Have a great week!


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Jim Knight
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Lesson Planning, Common Core, and Survival Guides:

1. Lesson Planning: Pace and Structure in Lesson Planning
3. New Teacher Survival Guide: Differentiating Instruction
4. New Teacher Survival Guide: Mentoring
5. New Teacher Survival Guide: Technology in the Classroom

Now on Tch

Flip Camera Winners
Flip Camera Winners List

Here are the latest winners for the "Thank You! Giveaway."

11/25 -  Waneta Larios
11/26 - Peggy Katterjohn & Nadine Herbst (referred Peggy)
11/27 - Starla Dawn
11/28 - Anne Chadwick
11/29 - Sherry Brady
11/30 - Christian Jones
12/01 - Ashley Miller

Congratulations to all winners! We appreciate all Tchers spreading the word.

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today and you could be next on the list.

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Common Core
This week's Common Core goodies for you:

Mastery Connect
Free standards-aligned assessment tools incorporating Khan Academy videos. 

National PTA
Common Core State Standards guides for parents - available in English and Spanish.

We're adding more core-aligned lessons from real classrooms every week. See all Tch Common Core videos here.
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