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This Week: Sarah Brown Wessling | Understanding Mathematical Concepts | Engaging Students with Minecraft
Sarah Brown Wessling, Teaching Channel’s first Laureate, looks forward to our One Millionth Tcher.
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Students develop a conceptual understanding of inequalities and persevere in solving them.
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Students love Minecraft. Stephen Elford explains how to harness that passion in your teaching.
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One in a million. For most of my life, that phrase has focused on being special, rare. Now, being "One in a Million" as a member of the Teaching Channel community has a different association. It connotes kinship and common purpose. I’m one of a million teachers looking to improve and grow. I’m one of a million learners looking to serve learners. I’m one in a million-member community getting better together.

This week, enjoy Sarah Brown Wessling’s One More Zero!, a moving welcome for Tch's much anticipated One-Millionth Tcher. Do you know a few colleagues who would enjoy learning with Tch? Take a minute to refer a friend or two — if they register, you’ll be eligible to win some great prizes! Then, engage in what Tch does best — help you improve your practice. Visit Leah Alcala's classroom to explore how students use dotting solutions to build conceptual understanding. And consider how entering the world of Minecraft could transform learning in your classroom. As you do, engage in the comments and discussion, because you aren't reading or viewing alone. You’re one in a million!

Kristin GrayKristin
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
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Teachers are the storytelling leaders of a school who can help change culture and ensure that the humanity in the work is not only preserved, but treasured in ways that value each and every character.

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Tch Next Gen Squadster Shelly Hammons learned that video self-reflection can be one of the most powerful tools we have as educators to grow and improve our practice.

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