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July 18, 2015
This Week: Project-Based Learning For All
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Join Sarah Brown Wessling on her Summer Learning Road Trip as she pays a virtual visit to the classroom of Jordan Wolf, a teacher engaging his English Language Learners through project-based instruction.
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Sarah's Notes

As my Facebook feed continues to be flooded with the summer traveling adventures of friends and family, I’m reminded of how glad I am to be on our virtual road trip together! You continue to use your keen eye of observation to help us all think more carefully about great teaching each time you watch and contribute to one of our Summer Road Trip Tours. On our last visit to Thristene Edwards’ classroom in Tampa, Florida, you were as insightful as always. Here are several of your comments that left us all thinking a little bit harder.

  • Shavonne: Students are controlling the thinking level and boosting brain power!
  • Carrie: All questions are valued. All responses are valued. Because of this, students are confident to share and respond.
  • Telannia: I noticed the students are watching each other intently. This is also modeled by the teacher. They are talking with each other, rather than just to the teacher.
  • Lorelei: Students need their voice heard and in this setting they are being heard and their thoughts are being validated, acted upon and becoming part of the discussion tapestry. How empowering.

Our next and final stop this week will take us to Flushing, New York, where Jordan Wolf engages his English Language Learners in deeper learning through project-based instruction in his science class. Can’t wait to see what we learn from this stop!

Sarah Sarah Sig
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