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June 27, 2015
This Week: A Class of Questioners
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Sarah Brown Wessling continues her virtual, interactive tour of three classrooms around the country with a stop in Tampa, Florida, and a focus on student-driven questioning. Join her in uncovering secrets of great teaching!
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Stacy Davison reveals tried-and-true techniques for deepening the conversational skills of your students.
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Discover how to engage English learners in academic conversations through strategies that facilitate rich discussion.
Sarah's Notes

Last week we launched our summer of learning with my Summer Road Trip. I’m virtually visiting three classrooms around the country, learning the stories of these teachers, and offering an interactive Zaption experience to help you discuss the classroom videos with other teachers who are joining us. My first stop was to Lynn Simpson’s fourth grade classroom in Seattle, Washington. As I followed your comments and interactions on the video tour, I was reminded why this community is so fantastic, and I wanted to give a shout-out to some of my favorite comments from the discussion.

  • Carrie noted that, “Students are not influenced to make their answers the teacher’s answer.”
  • Donna’s enthusiasm about the lesson was palpable: “Who would have thought that a true/false statement would create such dialogue? I loved the idea of creating this tension that encouraged learners to listen and learn from one another. That is what teaching is all about: getting to realize they are in charge of their learning. It is an active, cognitive process.”
  • Maggie picked up on a subtle move that made a big difference: “This girl with ‘all the Skittles are already gone’ got it! If they relate it to something palpable that also makes sense, they get it!”
  • And Sandra commented on the process of discussing the video with others: “I like to see what other people think and it gets me thinking too on how to reach students better.”
I can’t wait to see what emerges as we continue road-tripping this week! Next stop: Tampa, Florida.
Sarah Sarah Sig
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
Tchers’ Voice
Img LeftInstructional Coach Jennifer McDermott shares how Teaching Channel Teams and its video-based practice supports coaches in getting better together.

Img LeftKristin Gray realizes that the problem-solving techniques she uses with her students are also applicable in the professional learning she leads for colleagues.

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