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The school year has come to an end for my colleague, our Tch Teacher Laureate Sarah Brown Wessling. So, I thought I’d ask her to share the “Top 10” moments from her classroom in Johnston, Iowa. She came up with some great stuff, and you can read all ten in her new blog post.
As you know, Tch has been filming in Sarah’s classroom all year. We now have 14 videos on our site featuring Sarah and her students (and more coming this summer). What are Sarah’s Top 3?
Here are her picks… along with her reasons for choosing them. Enjoy!
Director of Educational Programming
Sarah's comment, “There’s nothing quite like seeing the students in action.”
Sarah says, “My favorite part is where I’m sitting away from the discussion, thoroughly enjoying it.”
Note from Sarah, “I love this short piece because of the robust conversation it’s created on the site.”
In this new blog post, Sarah Brown Wessling reflects on the ten standout moments from this school year.
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