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March 28, 2015
This Week: Arts Integration & A New Observation Challenge
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Antoinette Pippen is using the arts to deepen students' learning in science. Let's step inside her classroom and learn more.
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Watch students engage in a protocol called Claims, Evidence, Reasoning. Using this "trifecta of argument," teacher Antoinette supports her students through the process.
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In this Observation Challenge, we're focusing on how teacher Lindsay Young uses scaffolding as a strategy. What makes her strategies work? What else do you notice?
Sarah's Notes

You may not know this, but our Teaching Channel community has created quite a stir with one of our videos, "What Do Teachers Make?" (that's 2 million-clicks worth of enthusiasm). In this video, poet Taylor Mali performs the poem he made famous at Slam Poetry competitions nearly a decade ago. I remember the first time I read it (and cried), then saw it performed online (and cried), and then saw him perform it live (and stood in applause). It was as though he was talking directly to me, as though he had revealed the secret swell of conviction we teachers understand. Then I met Taylor. Shared a dinner with him. Asked him that question I'd been pondering: "You're not in the classroom anymore, right? Then how do you know who to write for?" It took us awhile to get to an answer, but eventually he said, "Sarah, I don't really write for the teacher. I don't actually write for the students or even myself. I write for the poem."

I write for the poem.

As we are about to welcome the beginning of National Poetry Month, I think it's important we remember the poetry of our profession: those lines and verses who walk through our doors each day. Those slant rhymes and staunch sonnets. Taylor Mali writes for the poem, but you teacher-poets, so do you.

Sarah Sarah Sig
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
Tchers’ Voice
Img LeftApril is National Poetry Month! Start preparing with the resources on this Pinterest board.

Img LeftThough we don't like to have them, difficult conversations can be a catalyst for change. Learn how to turn these conversations into an opportunity for improvement.

Q&A: Answer These Questions
Q: How do you integrate the arts into your curriculum?
Q: What’s a good website for hands-on lessons for kindergarten math and science?
Q: How do I prepare for a teaching position interview?
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This webinar will focus on the role of video in making the shift to standards-aligned ELA instruction. Sign up!
Tuesday, March 31st
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