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Every so often a new Tch video quickly draws “rave reviews” and we can see, immediately, how it’s impacting teachers. This past week, a new Common Core math video, Reasoning about Division, created just that kind of momentum. Here’s what viewers are saying.
“I am taking notes as I watch you teach! I have been trying to figure out for quite a while how to incorporate the interaction sequence during a math discussion. Thank you for showing me how to do that. What an awesome example of math talk.”
“I learn so much by watching a teacher do a Common Core lesson!”

As both of these teachers remind us—seeing Common Core come alive makes such a difference. So, I invite you into Ms. Simpson’s 4th grade math class in Renton, Washington.



Watch CCSS Math Video

And, for all of you who are working through the many facets of Common Core math, I want to remind you of my video webinar Beyond Right Answers: Math and the CCCS. It is a good primer to view as a complement to Ms. Simpson’s “hands on” video.

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