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We know it’s the gateway to strong comprehension and the instrument of precise writing. It’s also the way our learners move from students to scientists and mathematicians. You can’t collect enough of them and sometimes have to search and search for that one you’re “thinking of, but just can’t remember.” Words. Vocabulary.
The Common Core reminds us that students must demonstrate understanding of figurative language, word relationships, and nuances in word meanings. I’m always searching for better ways to take students from just memorizing definitions to owning a conceptual understanding of them.
Here’s a quick strategy from my high school English classroom that is easy to replicate for any grade level.
Vocabulary Paint Chips
With vocabulary top of mind, I want to turn to a question that popped up in our new Q&A section this week. 7th grade teacher Ms. Balich asks, “What are some effective ways to teach vocabulary?”
Please share your ideas with Ms. Balich!  Below are a few that are already turning up on the Q&A page. 
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
This active lesson really gets students motivated to learn new words. P.S. There’s no real kicking involved!
These students can literally taste the new words they’re learning.
See how this class analyzes poetry (and learns new vocabulary) by creating podcasts and blogs.
You probably get a lot of emails, catalogs, or invites that include the phrase "Common Core State Standards." But which resources do you trust and where do you begin? Start with these five questions