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February 27, 2016
This Week: Getting Better Together | Coding | Guided Struggle
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From personalizing learning, to embracing a growth mindset, the Tch laureates are trying to get better as teachers — and helping us get better, too!
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Tch Laureate Josh Kwon wants to help his students find connections between coding and algebra — and in the process make math relevant, interesting, and fun.
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“Sometimes, the best way to help our students is to subtly guide them through their own struggles,” writes Gretchen Vierstra as she introduces four videos on formative assessment.
Notes from the Tch Laureates

I was recently asked by an attorney friend why I had chosen to mentor a student teacher, especially since I won't be compensated for my time. My answer was immediate and direct. “Someone took the time to help me, so I am choosing to invest time in others. It’s the right thing to do.” I would argue that there are very few professions in which the practitioners look out for each other like we do. We cover each other’s classes. We help with lesson plans when a teammate is home with a sick child. We provide peer feedback on portfolios for a college course or National Board Certification. The list goes on and on. It’s not as if we're swimming in free time, but somehow we make it work. That’s who we are…

Teaching Channel is a wonderful platform for showcasing this camaraderie, and I see so many of my peers leading the way as Tcher Leaders. The Laureates, the NextGen Science Squad, and most importantly all of the educators who take the time to write blogs, participate in discussions about videos, tweet during #TchLIVE Twitter Chats, answer questions in the Q & A section, engage in conversation at Tch Video Lounge, and so on. The lengths to which many of you go to assist an often unknown colleague is remarkable and I am thankful to be part of such a wonderful community.

SarahTom Jenkins

Boeing Science Teacher Laureate
Tchers’ Voice
Img LeftJoin the hundreds of teachers who’ve already stopped by the new #TchVideoLounge to watch and share their ideas and thinking.

Img LeftBrian Sztabnik argues that we should be using low-stakes assessments to combat the anxiety that the high-stakes versions elicit from our students.

Q&A: Answer These Questions
Q: Do you have any "out of the box" ideas for HOW a parent workshop might be conducted? No idea would be too outlandish.
Q: How can I motivate 8th graders to do their work?
Q: I am having a difficult time preventing a few of my sixth graders from cheating on tests.
Mark Your Calendar
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Tch will be represented by, among others, laureates Kristin Gray and Joshua Parker, as well as Chief Academic Officer Erika Nielsen Andrew, all of whom will be leading sessions. Also presenting are Tcher’s Voice bloggers Erin Gilrein and Jennifer Wolfe.

Washington, DCMarch 11-12
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Nashville, TN March 31-April 3
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Atlanta, GAApril 2-4
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San Francisco, CAApril 13-16
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