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July 2, 2016
This Week: Hamilton | Declaration of Independence | Primary Source Documents
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Learn how you can use Hamilton in your classroom to engage and inspire. This post is packed with resources you won’t want to miss!
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Watch as students get hooked on a lesson about the Declaration of Independence, also known as “The Greatest Breakup Letter in the History of Mankind.”
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Engaging in complex texts doesn’t have to be a struggle. This strategy video provides valuable tips to help you select and differentiate primary source documents.
Notes from the Tch Laureates

Freedom and independence are two words we hear more than usual in the weeks surrounding the Fourth of July. While they each have a special meaning on this particular holiday, I also see them as two words that truly guide the work I do as a coach, and in turn the work we do collectively as teachers. In working with teachers, I try to establish a safe environment in which everyone can be free with their thoughts. I want everyone to feel free to bring new ideas to the table, express their own beliefs, and question the ideas of others, then seek out answers to questions when there aren’t any. In allowing this freedom, we build a sense of independence when we go back to our classrooms. We have a new confidence in ourselves as learners and take pride each day in the amazing work we’re doing. This independence and freedom in learning then transfers to our students as we empower them to have a voice in their future.

In fact, we’re able to see students embracing this voice of freedom and independence in resources like Making the Declaration of Independence Come Alive, where they express their understanding of history through the lens of breakup letters. I hope everyone has a wonderful Fourth of July, and after enjoying what's left of the summer months, enter school ready to embrace freedom and independence within your learning!

Crystal MoreyCrystalMorey

Teaching Channel Laureate

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Find your own path through our interactive videos to earn a participation certificate and a chance at a giveaway.

Tchers’ Voice
Img LeftTch Laureate Josh Parker identifies six core professional learning activities that will help you reflect and improve your practice over the summer.

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