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This week: 9/11, Difficult Conversations, Class Culture

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Hope this email finds you safe and sound. After a rough week for the East Coast and Sept 11th coming up, we're reminded that teachers don't just support their students academically. A few resources for you:
  • Inspiration for a productive conversation about Sept 11th
  • Two projects that will help your students understand the impact of hurricanes
  • Info on creating a space and time in your classroom for students to check in with you and each other with morning meetings
Read on to find out what the most popular videos were last week.

Best of Tch

Tootie Ta!
If you haven't watched these yet, check 'em out!

Last Week's Top 5:
  1. Attention Getting Signals: One Spot
  2. Sprinkles: Pass the Clap
  3. Ms. Noonan: Managing Transitions
  4. Kick Me: Making Vocabulary Interactive
  5. Listening Games: Tootie Ta!

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How are we doing?
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Shout Out

Ali Beiermeister
Ali Beiermeister
Ali was the first to reply and tell us how we're doing. Thanks to everyone who sent ideas and comments! Keep 'em comin'!

Ali is an administrator in LaGrange, IL.

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