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It’s been a special week here at Teaching Channel. Just like those classroom milestones you celebrate with your students, we’ve got a special marker to celebrate with you: Teaching Channel just surpassed 500,000 members! I often tell people I wish they could see how passionately everyone at Teaching Channel works for us: to celebrate, to elevate, to inspire, to instigate. And we invite you to do the same with a fun and fast way  to honor the teachers who have helped you. Check out our blog, and help me spread some appreciation for educators by sharing the image below on Facebook, and use #TeachersRock on Twitter!

Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel

3 Most Popular Videos in March

All Grades | Deeper Learning | Engagement
In this series overview, see how different schools are creating environments that launch their students into Deeper Learning.
Grade 4 | All Subjects | Discourse
If you haven’t seen this video yet, take two minutes and see how a few simple, but powerful strategies motivate students to do the talking and own their learning. You'll be glad you did.
Grade 2 | ELA | Vocabulary
As we continue to think about deeper learning, this video shows us a simple technique for integrating deeper learning into the rituals of our classrooms, just by changing the way we use words.
See how students apply their knowledge of environmental science to design and build an energy-efficient home.

Real-World Learning: Applying Science in Global Service

Science teacher Leah Penniman shares how students at Tech Valley High School in New York are engaged in projects such as urban soil remediation, invasive species tracking, sensor engineering for water quality monitoring, mapping food deserts, and quantifying carbon sinks. They master content by applying their learning to initiatives that truly matter.

Teaching Channel is thrilled to be named as a 2014 SIIA CODiE Finalist for Best Professional Learning Solution for Education.