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A shout out to this week's Member of the Week goes to...


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Happy Fourth, Member!
Hopefully you're greeting the fifth refreshed and not too sunburnt.  Your busy Teaching Channel team took the day off to barbecue, splash in the pool, visit Scotland, and go white water rafting on the American River.  We know many of you are out and about enjoying the summer months, but we wanted to give you a quick update:
  • We still have Teaching Channel tote bags!  Complete your profile to become a Founding Member, and get yours!
  • Tch tote bag sightings! If you're already a Founding Member, your tote bag's on its way.  Show or tell us how you're using your bag!  See our pics and post yours on our Facebook page.
  • We still have DonorsChoose.org gift cards!  Invite 3 educators to Tch and receive a $10 gift card toward your project at DonorsChoose.org.  Cards are on their way to "Invite 3ers."
Read on to hear about the fab four videos we put up for the Fourth!

New Videos

Hook Stations
Hook 'Em!  She may not be from Texas, but Hillary Mills sure knows how to hook her students into a new unit.  See how she uses "Hook Stations" to engage students through discovery.

Watch Climate Change in a Bottle Part 1: See an intro to Ms. Park's multi-day lesson in part 1.  Catch the rest next week.

See how to Encourage a Love of Poetry in Poetry Open Mic

See how students Embrace Mistakes in My Favorite No

New Feature

Share Your Insights!
Click the "NOTES" tab next to any video
  • Timestamp your favorite moments
  • Add Notes as reminders to yourself or to point out specifics to a colleague
  • Share your notes by clicking the "Share Arrow" or just save 'em all for yourself
Don't have anyone to send your notes to?  
Email them to me at mwhite@teachingchannel.org

Shout Out

Tessa Hostetter
to Tessa Hostetter!
 We confess, the Teaching Channel team loves checking out the new pics on the "Teachers" page.  Tessa, so cool to see your classroom out in Woodbridge, VA!

Our community is growing!  Did you know you can: All from the "Teachers" page and your "Workspace!"
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