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Hope you're having a great summer!  I'll keep this short and sweet, because I hope you're taking some time off from thinking about work and school.  Here's the summary:
  • I try not to have favorites, but the new videos this week are outstanding.  Incredible teachers.  Incredible coaching.  You'll be hooked.
  • We've added a new tool to the site... mark YOUR favorite moments from Tch videos, add YOUR insights, share with YOUR colleagues.
See below to find out why I'm so excited!

New Videos

Economics and Coaching?
Watch coaching sessions between Jim Knight and 3 passionate educators. Jim gives sound advice and highlights strengths: Watch six new One Minute Tips & Tricks

New Feature

Share Your Insights!
Click the "NOTES" tab next to any video
  • Timestamp your favorite moments
  • Add Notes as reminders to yourself or to point out specifics to a colleague
  • Share your notes by clicking the "Share Arrow" or just save 'em all for yourself
Don't have anyone to send your notes to?  
Email them to me at mwhite@teachingchannel.org

We Need You

Join our Ed Ad Board
We are seeking current
K-12 classroom teachers for our Education Advisory Board 
to participate in discussions on future tools for our web site and films.

If you're interested, please reply with the answers to the following 3 questions:
1.  What are your accomplishments and areas for growth as an educator?
2.  How can Teaching Channel best support teachers?
3.  What does it take to become an effective educator?
 Deadline July 1, 2011
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