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Whether you’ve already welcomed your new students or are preparing to, I know that teachers across the country have traded their “summer mode” for “school mode.” Our students, too, are transitioning — and not only to new routines and sleep schedules. Common Core is asking our students to shift the way they think, the way they learn. Every time I read through the Core, one word seems to show up over and over again: analysis. I’ve long been working to find ways to teach analysis to students, and while many of our videos show our students doing analytic work, this one shows the very first day I introduce a process of analysis to my students. I hope that seeing these first steps will help you take your own!

I’m really excited about sharing this video because teachers are always asking me “how to start,” and this captures some of those first scaffolds for teaching students to be thinkers. As you watch, look for these three learning moments:
  1. What scaffolds are used to help students gain confidence in analysis?
  2. When do we see students making “analytic jumps” on their own?
  3. How can this process transfer to your classroom and your students?

P.S. We’re kicking off our back-to-school festivities with a photo contest on Facebook — it starts August 14. Snap a photo of how you’re setting up your classroom and you could win an iPad! “Like” our Facebook page today so you don’t miss a thing. I’ll be sharing my favorite “corner” of the room and telling you why I love this space. Can’t wait to be inspired by all of your photos!

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