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October 15, 2016
This Week: Vocabulary Paint Chips | Remember With A Bookmark | Silent Signals
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In this video, Sarah Brown Wessling shares a creative, colorful, and engaging strategy to approach teaching new vocabulary to her high school students.
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Watch this video to learn a simple but powerful reading strategy Geneviève DeBose uses to help her middle school students distinguish between major and minor events in a text.
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Learn how Jenn Saul keeps all of her elementary students engaged and active participants in a lesson using silent signals.
Notes from the Tch Laureates

I love incorporating new strategies that help to elevate student engagement and learning. In fact, I regularly search Teaching Channel, Pinterest, and the like for new and creative ideas to mix up a routine that seems rote. This week, check out these three strategy videos, each highlighting a new and fun engagement strategy. Each bite-sized video also features an accountability measure to act as a vehicle for formative assessment.

These strategies are innovative in that they reimagine a common practice. Through creativity, students are more engaged and active participants in the classroom, which allows the teacher to more accurately gauge what students understand, what they know, and what they are able to do.

I hope you find a way to make these great strategies your own and add them to your teacher toolbox today.

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Teaching Channel Laureate

Q&A: Answer These Questions
Q: What are some solid strategies to improve my questioning skills?
Q: What are some creative and effective strategies for teaching the elements of a short story?
Q: What are some strategies for teaching students to analyze quotes?
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Eight Ways to Implement Video-Based Learning In Your PD. October 19, 2016
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Sarah Brown Wessling chats with Leah Alcala, well-known to the Tch community from her videos My Favorite No and Highlighting Mistakes: A Grading Strategy. October 26, 2016, 3 pm pacific
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November 17-20, 2016
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November 20-22, 2016
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December 3-7, 2016
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