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October 31, 2015
This Week: Conferencing Tips
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Watch an actual conference and get tips from middle school teacher Kim Kazavanjian and parent relationship expert Debbie Feinstein to help you prepare for your own.
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Tch Laureate Marion Ivey involves the whole family — including her students — in her conferences.
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In the first of a series, Robbie Torney explores the notion of making in schools and the critical role it plays in his students’ learning.
Notes from the Tch Laureates

I am in the “Elmo” phase of parenthood. Our only child is 20 months and obsessed with that little red puppet. Luckily, we can leverage this for more time with books, learning shapes, and even potty training (fingers crossed!). Over the past two years I’ve learned I can love, care for, worry about, and analyze that little guy in a way I never thought possible — and still feel at a loss. Then his grandparents, or a friend, can swoop in with an idea of sheer genius (or old hat to experienced parents) and help us with a life-altering breakthrough. I have a new appreciation that in raising kids, it truly takes a village.

And I am certain that the same will hold true when it comes to supporting him as a young learner in school. In order to give Silas opportunities for his future, we’ll need to partner with his teachers to support his learning. And we’ll need teachers who know him well and can communicate how we can grow his learning. This week, Marion Ivey shares how she partners with parents and guardians to support her kindergarten learners, and the New Teacher Survival guide provides great reflection on making the most of secondary-level conferences.

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Img LeftRyan McCarty's daughter makes it clear to him that she wants to make a difference in the world — now, as a young person, based on causes that are important to her.

Img LeftTch Laureate Kristin Gray discovers the power of social media to enlarge her professional learning community — and elevate her conference-going experience.

Img LeftWhat do you like to give or get as a teacher during the holidays? We're looking for the best ideas! Let us know and we'll report back the results.

Q&A: Answer These Questions
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Q: How do I make clear the purpose and relevance of new learning for all students?
Q: What is the best way to gain genuine, active, parental involvement?
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Natalie Franzi and Steve Figurelli dive deeper into digital tools that support Common Core-aligned practices, based on their Literacy in the Digital Age series. Wednesday, Nov. 4
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