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In my home state of Washington, shorter days are upon us. For some, this is exciting as Halloween is a sure sign that the holiday season is just around the corner. For others, this time can be filled with a plethora of emotions — some of which include isolation, loneliness, and frustration. In fact, research tells us that for first year teachers, the time between October and December represents a low period marked by disillusionment. Knowing that the holiday season can be filled with many ups and downs, what’s a teacher to do?

First, give yourself space to clear your mind and calm your emotions. This time of year is filled with family, extra projects, and parties — all of which add additional layers of stress onto your already complicated life. Instituting a five to ten-minute mindfulness exercise can have tremendous benefits for mental clarity and positive disposition. For an added benefit, plan this practice as a part of your school day and do it alongside your students. Second, remember that your students may be feeling overwhelmed, too. Take some time to play and re-energize between tasks so both you and your students can focus on learning. Finally, plan for some positive reflection. Take note of the times you laugh or smile during your school day. At the end of each day, write one moment for which you feel gratitude and put it into a little jar or a box on your desk. Practices like these will help you to recenter and stay energized until that light at the end of the tunnel begins to appear.

Crystal MoreyCrystal Morey
Crystal Morey
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
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Learn how to break the cycle of disillusionment, stay energized, and focus on self-care so you can look forward to a long, successful career in the classroom!

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Discover 13 fun and creative ideas to STEAM through Halloween.

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