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We hear you loud and clear!  In our Tchers’ Voice July Survey, 79% of you told us that Common Core is one of the five most important issues you need to learn more about. Compare this with our first Tchers’ Voice Survey in January, when just 48% of you put the Core in the Top 5.

We know this is a sign that your schools are getting closer to implementation and that you’re in need of all kinds of resources to help you see how the Core moves from a paper document to a living, breathing classroom.
All of us at Teaching Channel are working hard to meet your Common Core needs. I just completed my “10 Greatest Ah-ha Moments in Working with the Core.” I hope that you’ll find it useful as we all continue to unpack and understand what the Core means to our classrooms.

It’s free to all registered Tch members. Please share this link with your colleagues and be sure to add your “ah-ha” moments to the comments section!
I’d be remiss without bringing you some video-spiration to launch you into another week. Here are three Common Core-aligned videos, all excellent examples of working with the Core. 
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
I LOVE this video because of the way we get to see the role of literacy in a non-English classroom. Ms. Krubski speaks so eloquently about the kinds of informational texts her students should encounter.
This method will be familiar (in some form to many teachers - which is a good thing!) in getting students to go beyond a surface reading of the text. This speaks to analysis, which is certainly an important underlying skill of the Core.
The key word here is discover. With all kind of energy and enthusiasm, Mr. McCloud really gets students to discover their learning. In addition to the math instruction, he's an inspired teacher always completely present with the students and constantly working to bolster their confidence.
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