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As soon as the calendar turns over to reveal “May” it seems like everything is going at warp speed. Suddenly, you realize there’s only a month left to cover those last three chapters, or you’re contending with the height of senioritis, or you’re scrambling to finish all of those end-of-year professional responsibilities. 
But, despite the hurried pace of the last weeks of school, you’re all still finding time to watch videos! More than 21,877 hours of video were viewed on Teaching Channel in the month of April. That’s exciting! Here are three of the videos that attracted the most viewers; two of them feature the same teacher—Lynn Simpson.
Ms. Simpson’s Common Core math lesson “Reasoning About Division” was our top video— Here’s what other teachers are saying about it:  
“I love the way the teacher supports not only learning, but community building.” 
“I love the way making mistakes is just part of the learning process in your classroom.”
Our top strategy video, “Improving Participation with Talk Moves,” also features Ms. Simpson. One member of our Tch community says, “Here is a great example of engaging all students and giving them all a voice...” 
And, our top ELA video of the month garnered many comments about Ms. Novak’s teaching style and energy—and about her philosophy for accountability: “What a great lesson… I am truly inspired! I love that the exit slip was to hold you accountable.” 

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