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How can you turn a raucous 2012 Presidential election year into great lesson ideas for your students?

There are more than 25 primaries and caucuses coming up in the next six weeks - and the candidates are engaging in a record number of debates.

So, it seems like a perfect time to engage students in the art of debate, critical thinking, and to work on those speaking and listening skills. The first two video lessons below are designed for high school students, but they can be adapted to lower grade levels as well. Our third video is a lesson idea "ripped from today's headlines" that also adapts well to many grade levels. (Be sure to check out the supporting materials for all three videos).
Director of Educational Programming
Give Students a Voice
Watch as a "talking squirrel" increases student participation and fosters the respectful exchange of ideas.
Let's Debate
See how students improve oral and verbal skills while debating a political hot potato.
Making Science Relevant
Current Events Show and Tell
Bring current events into the classroom and adapt this lesson using news stories about key political issues.
Listen to a new podcast with Sarah Brown Wessling as she talks with a leading youth suicidal behavior expert about the Invisible Signs of Student Suicidal Behavior.
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