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It seems like technology is, at once, our best friend and our worst enemy. We love it when it works and want to pull our hair out when it doesn’t. But for all the hair pulling I’ve done over the years, I keep coming back to it, knowing that there’s more positive than negative, more promise than frustration.

I want to share two quick videos from my classroom that embrace technology in ways that help me be a better teacher and help students facilitate their learning process —including texting in class!
I get tired of having to say, “put your cell phones away.” So, some days I don’t. Instead I invite them to use their phone to give me real-time feedback about our learning.

Using Texting to Access Learning
Using technology to foster collaboration not only hits one of the Common Core standards, but it also creates a platform for students to learn how to work with each other in on-line communities. Join my students as they use the easy and free Google Docs as a collaborative writing tool in this video!

Google Docs in the Classroom
Enjoy the weekend!
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
This week on Teaching Channel Presents: Reading Fundamentals. Visit two classrooms where the emphasis is on building strong reading skills. Click here to find out where you can see our Teaching Channel TV show in your area. And, we now offer all our episodes online, one week after they air. Click on an episode number and watch now!
"We've all been there, but seeing it from a master teacher is helpful. The lesson's evolution was phenomenal. I liked the reflection and focus on how to learn from what the students in the first class said." - Karen Mondary, on the video "When A Lesson Goes Wrong."

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