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Hi Member,
I hope you are enjoying the 4th of July weekend. I wonder how many of you have snapped a photo or shot a little video, even just from your phone or tablet. If you’re anything like me, capturing and preserving moments on video has become second nature. Well, that natural inclination can become a habit that makes a difference to us in the classroom as well.

As you continue to use video to capture your summer moments, also start thinking about the ways a video camera in your classroom – regardless of how simply used – could make a difference in how you grow as a teacher next school year.

Our new Tchers’ Voice June survey results show that 43% of you in our Tch community have recorded yourselves teaching—but not with any consistency.

We also learned that 90% of you think video is a useful professional learning tool. So, let’s join together to close that gap between what we believe and what we actually do to get more of us using video.

I use a small video camera in my classroom almost everyday—and I can tell you that it absolutely is a valuable learning tool for me. Here’s a quick video from my classroom that shows you just how I make video work for me.

Using Video to Improve Practice: Do It Yourself!

Our survey also tells us that 78% of our members think capturing good quality video is a challenge.  Check out our step-by-step video tips so you can get the most out of your efforts.

Video 101

I know that it’s a big step to go from behind the lens to in front of it. But believe me, when you make watching yourself on video either part of your individual reflection process or if you share it with trusted colleagues, you’ll learn how it can enhance your skills, regardless of how new or veteran you may be.
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
In this new blog post, Meenoo Rami from the Center for Teaching Quality encourages making reflection a part of your summer.

Read on for some tips on taking last year's momentum and using it to spring into the new school year. Tchers' Voice blog>>