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NTOY Sarah Wessling, Real Classrooms Uncut

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As our Tcher Laureate Sarah Wessling says, "so many of the great moments in teaching are tiny.” We’re going to end the year with a video challenge for you. Our cameras are going inside Sarah's classroom, so you can see her lessons unfold in real-time in a new series we're calling Uncut Classrooms. Sarah's lesson, Making Sense of Symbols, Patterns, and Themes, is filled with "great moments."
Here's one my favorites. See if you can find it:
Sarah kneels down to talk with a group of students, but the students are already so engaged in discussion that they hardly notice she's there. Sarah saves her "teacher talk" time and chooses to listen without interrupting. It's amazing what a little silence can do!
Watch Sarah's Lesson on Symbols, Patterns, and Themes
When we watch films of each other teaching, we all notice different things. Sarah picked out 21 moments using "Notes" - our video annotation tool. Our challenge to you is to watch the video, scroll down to the discussion area, and post what you find! See how many moments you can find, and then check out Sarah’s notes by clicking the "Notes" tab.
Happy New Year! And thanks from everyone at Teaching Channel. You've made it a great year.


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