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Imagine yourself sitting in a student’s desk. You often hear your teacher referring to you and your classmates as “children” or “students.” And then, one day, you hear “scientist,” “scholar,” or “engineer.” All of a sudden, you sit up taller, listen more carefully and feel a different sense of purpose in the lesson at hand. In fact, it might not even feel like a lesson anymore. Now, it’s just what scientists-scholars-engineers do.

This week’s summer playlist takes you into classrooms where teachers have discovered this change in paradigm to instigate more engaged learning.

Ms. Banks says her students “become engineers when they arrive in Room 201.”  Ms. Park says her students “rise to the work” when she calls them scientists and scholars.

With that in mind, our science-focused playlist features students:
  • Taking responsibility for their learning
  • Collaborating and explaining their thinking
  • Peer teaching to build speaking skills
  • Reasoning about connections and patterns 

Let’s start with Ms. Park’s quick strategy video "What’s in a Name?" to set the tone for the meatier pieces in our playlist.
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
Watch as student engineers in Ms. Banks' physics class collaborate to design and build a bridge and then present their ideas and explain their thinking.
See how these engineering students are developing speaking skills that meet the ELA Common Core Standards as they peer teach robotics.
See how Mr. Perretto “strives to make the abstract tangible” for his middle school scientists as they study energy transfer.
A few teachers are looking for advice from the Tch community this week. Can you help them out?