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This week: Classroom Management, Lesson Planning

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What's your secret to classroom management? In my classroom, strong relationships, student buy-in, and clear expectations were key.
Share your ideas and questions in our discussion areas.  

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Last Week's Top 5:
  1. My Favorite No: Attending to Precision
  2. Ask 3 Then Me: Build Shared Responsibility
  3. New Teacher Survival Guide: Classroom Management
  4. Card-O-Matic: Sharing the Conversation Space 
  5. Attention Getting Signals: Practice to Build Routine

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Mary Pinheiro
Mary Pinheiro
Thanks for being an active TCHer and helping spread the word about Teaching Channel!

Mary is a 4th and 5th grade teacher in North Berwick, ME. Teach 4th/5th too? Log in to see Mary's favorites here.

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