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Hi Member,
“He could feel the house of sleepers around him like loaves on shelves.” Ooh!  Isn’t that just a great sentence? It’s one of my favorites from the talented Anne Carson. In honor of National Poetry Month, we’ve pulled together some videos and resources to help you celebrate (including a link to a great lesson on favorite sentences).
As a way to decide which Tch videos to share this week, I searched through all of our videos that focus on poetry and selected a few that are aligned with Common Core. Can’t hurt, right? Then I looked at comments from our members to see what’s resonating within our community.  
So, this week, rather than describe the videos to you, I’ll let our members tell you what they think. And, thanks to all of you who made these valuable comments!
Director of Educational Programming
“Fascinating! I love the setup and am eager to try pieces of this with my 8th graders." Shannon Avina
Great hands on lesson using some great technology!” Donald Westerman

“I think anytime you go out of your way to make something special, the kids respond and you create memories. This is a fantastic example.”  Tim Bedley
“Great way to have students analyze poetry.”       Madeline McDougal
“Excellent. I’d like to see more videos like this (on poetry)."  Andrew Martin
See our new blog post on bullying for solutions-focused resources you can use now.
Inspire students with great sentences before they write their own short stories with a lesson idea from the New York Times.
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